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The Cytecare Story: Making India a Global Cancer Destination

When it comes to cancer treatment and the way Indians seek treatment abroad, a difference that India bears to its western counterparts was observed in our annual healthcare spending and the significant patient to doctor ratio. With an estimated 2.5 million people in India living with cancer and more than 1.5 new registered cancer patients every year, the opportunity was there to pave a new path for India to fight cancer with the awareness of getting the right treatment with early detection and lifestyle changes.

Sensing the need for India to have its own world-class healthcare facility in the cancer care niche, Suresh Ramu (Co-founder and CEO, Cytecare Hospitals) with his team went ahead to set up India’s first 150-bedded organ-site focused Oncology care private hospital, in November 2016. Strengthened by the core principles of healthcare delivery and led by a robust group of the management team, and clinical professionals Cytecare hospitals got its name from the word ‘cyte’ which comes from the Greek word ‘kytos’, meaning cell. Representing care at the cellular level, we aim to ‘Fight Cancer the Right Way’.

Cytecare Hospitals is based on four prominent pillars – Organ-site focussed and specialist oncologists; standardised global audiences and tumour board; clinical research and patient-centric culture. With its highly specialized cancer diagnostic services, including Nuclear Medicine, Radiology and Histo-Pathology as well as personalised treatment and improved health outcomes, Cytecare is among India’s best cancer care centres.

Thousands are fighting the cancer battle daily, and with the ongoing pandemic, we cannot let their battle get ignored. Time being the most critical factor in this fight, we all have to take responsibility to ensure continuous treatment.

C- Marketplace, Beyond a Bazaar is an IIM-C Alumni Network Initiative is a marketplace approach for Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders. With the ongoing pandemic, when the world needs strength and hope in the face of this daunting adversity, the story of Cytecare Hospitals provides humanity with the audacity to believe and to have confidence. 

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