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Chronic Pain and COVID 19: A Vicious Lockdown

“COVID lockdown”, is a phrase that invokes an unfamiliar sense of dreadful apprehension in most individuals across the globe.  The most articulated and reflected upon topics currently, amidst all modes of mass communication has been ‘isolation’ and ‘social distancing’. This is a stark contrast to the endorsed and recommendation of ‘social interaction and improved physical activity for improving chronic pain control.

Chronic pain is a disabling spectrum of illness where, Physical inactivity, social isolation, anxiety and uncertainty are individual yet intertwined aggravating factors. During the lockdown, these experiences gain a new dimension of viciousness. Affecting all age groups, this translates to isolating oneself with increased screen time on laptops and phones, under the rationalization of re-establishing social connect and home office in the virtual world. For the older age group, it equates to lack of physical contact with friends and family separated through social distancing and screen time that refuses to fill the void of loneliness.

The ‘new normal’ demands:

Increased time in front of electronic gadgets that affects all generations.

  • The younger generation for online classes, an experience no adult can relate to.
  • Young adults are working from home – responsibilities of home and work are intertwined with no boundaries. Financial stressors have increased exponentially.
  • The older generation, not being able to see their family, isolation, required learning of social media apps that is so unfamiliar and difficult.
Chronic pain & Health effects

Lack of physical activity, social isolation and increased screen time can impact sleep quality. The resulting combination could result in further aggravating chronic pain conditions and vicious cycle continuing as a lethal LOCKDOWN.

This would result over months at reduction in the quality of daily life with no age group exempt.

If you are finding that staying at home you have pains in the body that doesn’t seem to be going away or if you are finding your ongoing pain management more difficult, here are few ways we can help you towards a positive outcome despite the current situation:


Mind & Body Exercise1. Inculcate a routine of daily activities and exercise of Mind and Body





Balanced Diet
2. Appropriate and balanced diet with proper Hydration





Socializing with friends and family3. Balanced online socialising with friends and family/support group





Avoid overdoing

4. Avoid overdoing/overreacting and intoxication





Teleconsultation5. Teleconsultation with your doctor/physiotherapist/psychology counsellors/yoga instructor. Ensure talking to your physician prior to starting something new.




Chronic pain awareness

6. Awareness information regarding chronic pain for family and friends.

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