Nuclear Medicine (PET CT SCAN)

Nuclear medicine treatment

The Nuclear Medicine Department at Cytecare offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic services. To provide the highest quality of services, we have invested in cutting-edge technology and systems. The nuclear medicine technology at Cytecare increases the effectiveness and speed of all procedures, facilitating quick and accurate examination of all its patients. The efficiency of automated processes also improves safety and reduces costs, thereby making treatment more affordable and transforming processes that are usually fraught with stress into hassle-free, queue-free experiences. The clinical team and the advanced technology have been brought together to enhance our diagnostic methodologies as well as cancer treatment outcomes.

Cytecare has brought in today's most advanced, state-of-the art technology, like PET-CT equipment and the GE Discovery IQ 16 slice PET with Light Burst technology, which reduces scan time and provides improved scan quality. The system has Q Clear technology to reconstruct images to improve SUV, without compromising on image quality, as well as motion correction, in order to enable better lesion detection.


Nuclear Medicine based Diagnostics available at Cytecare include PET-CT Based Diagnostic Imaging such as :

  • F18 PET Bone Scan
  • PET CT- Brain (with Contrast)
  • PET CT- Low Dose Non Contrast
  • PET CT- Whole Body scan
  • PET CT- Whole Body/Oral/Rectal/3P Hase with contrast

Nuclear Medicine based Therapeutics at Cytecare include:

  • Thyroid Cancer (Iodine Therapy)
  • P 32 Therapy
  • SR 89 Therapy
  • MIBG Therapy
  • Samarium Therapy
  • Iodine Therapy

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