Cytecare, Brains Hospital opens Neuro - Oncology centre

Cytecare, Brains Hospital opens Neuro - Oncology centre

The Cytecare Brains Neuro-Oncology Centre will have a team of highly experienced super-specialists who will create the first-of-its-kind Neuro-Oncology Centre in Bengaluru.

 Neuro- Oncology centre - Cytecare Brain Cancer Hospital

On the occasion of ‘World Brain Tumour Day’, Cytecare Cancer Hospital and Brains Neuro Spine Centre announced the launch of Bengaluru’s very own world-class ‘Neuro-Oncology Centre’ at Cytecare Cancer Hospital, Bengaluru.

The Cytecare Brains Neuro-Oncology Centre, under the able guidance of world famous neurosurgeon, Dr. N K Venkataramana, will have a team of highly experienced super-specialists who will create the first-of-its-kind Neuro-Oncology Centre in Bengaluru.

The Neuropathology team, led by Dr. S K Shankar, will provide advanced pathological diagnosis coupled with immunohistochemistry to chart the appropriate course of treatment as well as prognostication. Their involvement on the tumour board case discussions will be pivotal to enhancing the treatment outcomes and quality of care.

Brain tumours affect people of all ages, with 15-20% of brain tumours occurring in children, while the incident rate for adults stands at 8.2/lakh. When it comes to children afflicted by cancer, brain tumour is second only to blood cancer. Brain tumours can be benign or malignant, and can affect any portion of the brain, skull, spinal cord and vertebrae. Despite rising awareness and advances in technology, the outcome of malignant brain tumours remains dismal with an average survival rate of only 14 months.

The Neuro-Oncology centre at Cytecare, Bengaluru, will provide comprehensive services encompassing public awareness, early detection, state of the art imaging, brain monitoring and neurosurgery, supported by exclusive brain tumour research programs and the most modern technology for Radiosurgery, Neuropathology, Radiation Oncology and Chemotherapy.

Speaking on the collaboration with Brains, Dr. Selwyn Colaco, COO, Cytecare Cancer Hospital, said, “The Neuro-Oncology Centre at Cytecare Cancer Hospital is a one of a kind facility that promises to push the frontiers of gold standard Neuro-Oncology care in India. This collaboration brings together Cytecare’s specialised comprehensive Oncology care with Brains’ extensive expertise in Neurology care. I wish all the doctors associated with this facility the very best in their endeavours.”

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. NK Venkataramana, Founder & Chief Neurosurgeon, BRAINS said, “Malignant Brain tumours are a critical health risk in both adult and pediatric population. Apart from providing world-class treatment for all types of Brain tumours, we will also focus on prevention and innovative treatment methodologies through cutting-edge research. However, identification of risk factors and creating awareness remains the fundamental goal in our pursuit of excellence.”