The word 'cyte' is derived from the Greek word, 'kytos', which means cell. We represent care at a cellular level.

Our principle is, Fighting Cancer the Right Way'. Cytecare provides highly specialised, modern diagnostic services, treatment and care for cancer. We believe and understand that every cancer is different and hence, specialised treatment is necessary to be provided for each. We are practitioners of researched cancer care methodologies, owing to which, our multidisciplinary team of clinicians is strongly guided by national as well as global protocols such as the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), National Health Service (NHS), Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and Tata Memorial Hospital. Cytecare promotes deeper understanding of individuals and their treatments.


At Cytecare, we understand and stress on the right way of fighting cancer. This gives rise to a multi-faceted approach to cancer treatment at Cytecare relying on what we call the four pillars of cancer treatment. This means we approach cancer treatment in a combination of organ site focus (specialised clinical expertise for each type), tumour board (multidisciplinary teams), patient-centricity and clinical research methodologies. In addition to our pillars, we have invested in building a strong ancillary system that works to enhance the impact of cancer treatment.

Organ-site Focus and Specialist Oncologists:

No two cancers are the same, and the effect of each type of cancer varies as per body organs. This can be attributed to genetics, environment, lifestyle, certain pre-existing conditions, among other factors and the best cancer treatment requires intricate understanding of all these factors. At Cytecare, we have a dedicated team of oncologists, super-specialised in the cancers of particular organs.

Standardised Global Guidelines and Tumour Board

We provide cancer care based on, and drawn from, globally recognised, gold standard guidelines such as, NCCN, ESMO, NHS, ICMR and Tata Memorial Hospital. Cytecare has also established a Tumour Board - a team of multidisciplinary specialists, who use individual expertise to determine effective treatments, a concept being taken by some of the world's best cancer hospitals.

Patient-Centric Culture

Holistic wellness has a deep impact on clinical outcomes, encouraging discussion on health beliefs, concerns, preferences, and addressing questions through clinical interactions. We insist on empathy and compassion between medical staff and patients, considering the emotional aspect of cancer and its impact, not just on the patients, but also their families. We provide emotional support & counseling, while also providing ancillary services to make an improved quality of life possible.

Clinical Research

Cancer care is a constantly evolving discipline. Recognising a gap in the need and availability, Cytecare is focused on clinical research to ensure continuous, better clinical outcomes. The best cancer hospitals in India are becoming research-oriented, seeking evidence-based protocols, while continuously updating themselves about the latest advancements. This gives rise to an evidence-based, scientific approach to treatment.

Support services


Nurses are the strong backbone of all our clinical practices, specialised to handle the physical, mental and emotional trials that cancer puts patients and their families through. Their training and experience help to enhance the quality of cancer care at Cytecare. Patients as well as doctors have a relationship of trust with our nurses. Nurses are caregivers, at Cytecare, who make sure that the critical nature of the treatment and the tribulations that come with cancer and its treatment are in the forefront, at all times.


Research proves that proper nutrition is facilitatory in boosting immunity. For this reason, it is known to help prevent cancer as well as increase the effectiveness of treatment. At Cytecare, we focus on specially designed diet plans for cancer patients in order to maintain the overall health of the person and enhance their response rates to the treatment being given. All our patients are given dietary recommendations that complement their treatment plan, so as to maximise results.

Patients Navigators

Cytecare understands that dealing with cancer is a physical battle as well as a huge mental struggle. We have, therefore, designed the Patient Navigators support system to help patients cope with cancer diagnosis and handle treatment, by letting them talk about the disease, the right treatment and the right attitude. These Patient Navigators help patients and their families to get answers to queries like what to expect, how to manage therapy, what to ask the doctor and more, while also provided emotional support.


Cancer care is a constantly evolving discipline. Research is necessary from a patient perspective to offer them an opportunity to participate in the latest global clinic research studies. Recognising the importance of this, Cytecare is highly focused on clinical research to ensure continuous and better clinical outcomes

Clinical Team

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