At Cytecare, we believe that surgical pathology and cytopathology provide the diagnostic backbone for oncologists. We appreciate the need for early and accurate diagnosis which is vital to the treatment of cancer. Our state-of-the-art pathology lab houses highly trained and certified technicians who perform analytical procedures to provide accurate test results. Specialised clinical pathologists provide most accurate diagnostic interpretation in the most efficient manner in consultation with oncologists and also customise each patient’s treatment based on his or her individual diagnosis.



Precise histologic and cytologic classification and testing for clinically useful mutations in patient's tumours allow us to match individual patients with the targeted therapies that are mostly likely to benefit them. Our team has extensive experience in such specialised areas as, haematopathology, oncologic, gastrointestinal, soft tissue tumour and breast pathology. Special services include electron microscopy and immunopathology, chromosome analysis and molecular cytogenetic studies.


Assessment & Treatment of Abnormal Pap/Pre-Cancerous Conditions:

  • 2nd Opinion services for Histo-pathology, Cyto-pathology and Haemato-pathology
  • Pathology
    • Surgical Pathology
    • Immunohistochemistry
    • Haemato Pathology
    • Cyto Pathology
    • Biochemistry
    • Microbiology
    • Serology
    • Clinical Pathology
    • Immuno-Diagnostics & Assay
  • Molecular Oncology
    • Next Generation Gene Sequencing
    • DNA Isolation
    • DNA - FISH
    • PCR (RT - PCR, qRT-PCR)
    • Other Genetic Testing & Genetic Counseling
    • Laser capture micro dissection (LCM)

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A 150-bed treatment center which excels in advanced surgical care across oncology, critical care and other specialities.

Our commitment to providing the highest level of care & treatment to patients has led us to enhance the impact of treatment across multiple specialities through Cytecare Specialities and provide highly advanced cancer treatment and surgical care through our Oncology Center of Excellence

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A multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified clinical & surgical specialists across major specialities and top oncologists in Bangalore, India, with proven treatment protocols for holistic care & treatment for medical, clinical and surgical needs.

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Our dedicated team of cancer doctors, nurses and caretakers leave no stone unturned when it comes to cancer treatment and management. Our holistic approach ensures appropriate actions in relation to the situation at hand.


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Thank you Cytecare for my new life. I have found the best cancer hospital in Bangalore. With the right cancer treatment, I was able to fight my Breast Cancer. Cytecare Cancer Hospital boosted my confidence a...

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Cytecare provides the best Pathology services with an exceptional team of pathologists and technicians.