Cancer prevention and screening


Comprehensive health screening involves a thorough examination of the body and is vital for detecting several medical conditions, even in the absence of their signs and symptoms. Early detection helps the doctor in proper disease management and treatment.

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Cytecare comprehensive benifits

Early detection of diseases may result in better treatment and management, which reduces the risk of complications whilst increasing the chances of better health outcomes.

Cytecare comprehensive benifits

Health screening helps to identify if the patient is at risk of, or has a disease or condition, that was not previously known about.

Cytecare comprehensive benifits

Health screening can help people who have a family history of cardiovascular disease, stroke or diabetes with the process of prevention and provide them with timely treatments.

Cytecare comprehensive benifits

One of the major risk factors for a variety of life-altering diseases is age. However, with early detection and treatment, the body can be provided with the best defense against these diseases.

Expert team of Intensivists at Cytecare

Dr L Narendra Prasad - Internal medicine doctor, Bangalore
Dr L Narendra Prasad - Internal medicine doctor, Bangalore

DR Narendra Prasad

MD, Consultant-Internal Medicine

Bangalore Internal medicine doctor- Dr Suhas MS
Bangalore Internal medicine doctor- Dr Suhas MS

DR Suhas

MD, Associate Consultant-Internal Medicine

Comprehensive health Check package For Women

Above 40 years

INR 6,000 only

INR 14,950
Blood Sugar tests
  • FBS
  • PPBS
  • HbA1c
  • Serum Creatinine
  • Uric Acid
Lipid Profile
Thyroid Profile
  • TSH
  • T3/T4
Urine Routine
X- Ray Chest (PA)
USG - Abdomen Pelvis
PAP Smear
Dental Screening and Consultation
Dietitcian Assessment and Consultation
General Physician - Internal Medicine

Below 40 years

INR 2,500 only

INR 7,021
Blood Glucose (Fasting)
TSH Ultrasensitive
X-Ray Chest PA or AP
BloodGrouping-ABO & Rh with reverse grouping
Lipid Profile
Serum Creatinine
Urine Routine
Specialist Consultation-OPD
Consultation with Dietician
Consultation with Dentist


  1. Any additional investigations, if advised by consultant specialists, will be discounted (if beyond the package)
  2. Customization will be done based on assessment and risks.


  1. Please be on fasting from the previous night - minimum of 8 hours prior
  2. The Health Check is expected to be completed by 05:00 p.m.


At Cytecare, we promote advanced focused cancer care for each and every individual- a profound approach to individuals and their cancer treatment. We understand and believe that every cancer is different; hence, we practice specialised cancer treatment for each case. Our multidisciplinary cancer specialist team consists of researched cancer care practitioners strongly guided by national and global protocols, making us the best cancer hospital in Bangalore.

Indian Association of Palliative Care Certification

Recognized by Indian Association Of Palliative Care

NABH accreditation

Our Hospital Is NABH Accredited

European Society for Medical Oncology Badge

Designated Center Of Integrated Oncology And Palliative Care

NABL accreditated labratory certificate

Our Laboratory Is NABH Accredited

Cytecare Cancer Hospital Achiever in Oncology

Cytecare Cancer Hospital Achiever In Oncology


A detailed insight into everything related to cancer care, cancer symptoms, cancer treatment and mitigation process from the team at Cytecare Cancer Hospitals.

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