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Karnataka's First Hospital to Offer Life-saving CAR-T Cell Therapy

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Today, more than ever before, cancer can be fought and defeated - medically, emotionally and physically. And it is certainly possible to celebrate a life beyond cancer, thanks to amazing advances in comprehensive cancer treatment. More than the disease, cancer care these days is about life. And there’s no one better to tell you more about this than people who have fought and won. People who have put cancer behind them and are living a full life.


A community of people that loves life

Saahasa, an initiative by Cytecare, is an expression of our strong desire to help you live a life of courage because we truly believe you can. This community programme will help you and your family find a reservoir of strength within.

Who can join us

Cytecare invites you to be a part of this global movement towards total cancer prevention and mitigation


Cancer Patient




Care Giver

How to join

Share your name, mobile and email id. Our Navigator (cancer survivor) will connect with you.