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At Cytecare, we offer a wide variety of screening and diagnostic radiology examinations and interventional procedures with state-of-the-art technology. Early and accurate detection of cancer is the most crucial step in cancer treatment, and this being the guiding principle at Cytecare, the radiology team at Cytecare follows the gold standard protocols in breast imaging and other diagnostic services.


    Radiology (Mammogram)

    The radiology department is well equipped with cutting edge technology like mammography machine with Digital Breast Tomosynthesis, digital X-ray machine including the dual slice and 16 slice CT scanners, high-end sophisticated 3D and 4D ultrasonographic machines.


    Assessment & Treatment of Abnormal Pap/Pre-Cancerous Conditions:

    • Consultation with Radiology & Breast Imaging Experts
    • 2nd Opinion services
    • Breast Imaging
      1. Digital Mammography (2D)
      2. Digital Breast Tomosynthesis -DBT (3D mammography)
    • VABB (Vaccuum Assisted Breast Biopsy)
    • Routine X-ray and CT scan
    • PET-CT scan
    • Ultrasound scan (USG)
    • Bone scan
    • Dexa scan
    • Barium swallow
    • Barium enema

    Digital Breast Tomosynthesis – Benefits over 2D Mammogram

    Cytecare is the first hospital in Karnataka to introduce Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (popularly known as 3D-Mammography) for women.

    Digital mammography captures a single image of the breast and converts them to computer images. This digital conversion makes it easier for detection of any abnormalities, since the image can be zoomed in and out, and certain areas of interest can be highlighted as required.

    Digital Breast Tomosynthesis can capture multiple images of the breast at different angles and these images are combined into a 3D image on a computer. This method of using a 3D mammogram has a greater accuracy of detection of breast cancer that may sometimes escape more traditional methods. Hence, digital breast tomosynthesis provides the advantage of enabling earlier detection of cancer.

    Cancer prevention and screening

    Digital Breast Tomosynthesis features & benefits include

    3D reconstruction of entire breast tissue volume viewed as sequential slices
    Reduced interference from breast tissue overlap
    Superior evaluation of masses, areas of architectural distortion, and asymmetries
    Improved diagnostic accuracy (p < 0.001), particularly for younger women, dense breasts, and smaller lesions
    Decreased false-positive results directly translate into less patient anxiety
    Decreased costs for additional diagnostic examinations (including ultrasound and biopsies) due to unnecessary recalls
    Improved detection of multicentric and bilateral breast cancers

    Addition of DBT for breast cancer screening ultimately reduces the associated mortality and morbidity. Digital Breast Tomosynthesis offers maximum benefits for densely glandular breasts and for younger women. This has a large impact on decreasing the number of women undergoing unnecessary recalls or biopsies & plays a vital role in alleviating anxiety in women opting for screening tests.

    3D mammography has been shown to reduce the percentage of missed cancers by 15% . More recent studies show about 30% increased 3D mammography sensitivity and specificity compared to 2D Mammography with a recalls reduction in screening by approximately 40% . The x-ray dose of 3D mammography is comparable to that of a 2D Mammogram. Therefore, the cumulative dose of the combined screening is still below the FDA-regulated limit and found to be safe and effective for patient use.

    Why Cytecare

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    A 150-bed treatment center which excels in advanced surgical care across oncology, critical care and other specialities.

    Our commitment to providing the highest level of care & treatment to patients has led us to enhance the impact of treatment across multiple specialities through Cytecare Specialities and provide highly advanced cancer treatment and surgical care through our Oncology Center of Excellence

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    Support Services

    Our holistic approach towards cancer care and management

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    Our Team of Specialists

    A multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified clinical & surgical specialists across major specialities and top oncologists in Bangalore, India, with proven treatment protocols for holistic care & treatment for medical, clinical and surgical needs.

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    Our dedicated team of cancer doctors, nurses and caretakers leave no stone unturned when it comes to cancer treatment and management. Our holistic approach ensures appropriate actions in relation to the situation at hand.


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