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Karnataka's First Hospital to Offer Life-saving CAR-T Cell Therapy

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Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment: CAR-T Cell Therapy in Bangalore.

We provide cutting-edge CAR-T Cell Therapy in Bangalore, utilising advanced the NexCAR 19 treatment by ImmunoAct and expertise to stimulate the patient's immune system and effectively fight cancer. Cytecare is one of the first centers to offer CAR-T Cell Therapy in Karnataka.

CAR-T Cell Therapy Treatment

    Our CAR-T Cell Specialists

    Our dedicated team comprises of hemato oncologists, who are at the forefront of CAR-T cell therapy research and treatment. Each member possesses extensive expertise in managing blood cancers and a deep understanding of CAR-T therapy.

    Dr. Prasad Narayanan


    Senior Consultant & Director - Medical Oncology, Hemato Oncology & BMT

    Dr. HARISH P


    Senior Consultant - Medical Oncology, Hemato Oncology & BMT



    Consultant - Pediatric Oncology and bone marrow transplant

    Dr. Manish-Kumar


    Senior Consultant- Medical Oncology, Hemato-oncology & BMT


    At Cytecare, we promote advanced focused cancer care for each and every individual- a profound approach to individuals and their cancer treatment. We understand and believe that every cancer is different; hence, we practice specialised cancer treatment for each case. Our multidisciplinary cancer specialist team consists of researched cancer care practitioners strongly guided by national and global protocols, making us the best cancer hospital in Bangalore.

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    Cytecare Cancer Hospital Achiever In Oncology


    A detailed insight into everything related to cancer care, cancer symptoms, cancer treatment and mitigation process from the team at Cytecare Cancer Hospitals.

    FAQs for CAR-T Cell Therapy

    Here are the frequently asked questions about CAR-T Cell Therapy.

    CAR-T Cell therapy uses genetically modified T-Cells to target and destroy cancer cells. These engineered cells are designed to recognise specific markers on cancer cells, leading to their destruction.

    CAR-T Cell therapy has shown exceptional results in treating certain types of blood cancers, such as B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, High grade B-lymphomas. Low grade B-lymphomas. Ongoing research is exploring its potential for treating other cancers as well.

    CAR-T Cell therapy can have side effects like any medical treatment, including cytokine release syndrome and neurologic toxicities. Our experienced medical team closely monitors patients and takes appropriate measures to manage and minimise these side effects.

    The duration of CAR-T Cell therapy can vary depending on the individual and the specific treatment plan. It typically involves multiple stages, including cell collection, genetic modification, and infusion. Our team will provide you with a personalised timeline.

    In some cases, CAR-T Cell therapy can be combined with other cancer treatments to maximise the efficacy. Our multidisciplinary team will assess your situation and develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

    CAR-T Cell therapy has shown the potential for long-term remission in many patients. However, individual responses can vary. Our dedicated team will closely monitor your progress and support you throughout your journey.

    CAR-T Cell therapy has shown promising results in pediatric patients with certain types of blood cancers. However, each case is evaluated individually, taking into consideration the patient's condition and medical history.

    Success rates of CAR-T Cell therapy can vary depending on the type and stage of cancer. Clinical trials have shown exceptiona response rates upto > 80%, leading to improved survival outcomes for many patients.

    CAR-T Cell Therapy in Bangalore

    "Let us Guide You Towards Remission." – Consult our expert oncologists to embark on a transformative CAR-T Cell therapy treatment journey.