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How to Self Check for Breast Cancer at Home

A self-check for breast cancer a day…

Keeps you healthy, wise and prepared – especially when it comes to breast cancer.

The reality of breast cancer is an undeniable one – it’s a harsh truth we are all affected by with people close to us. It seems inconceivable that we should also fall prey to cancer. However, we cannot afford to live in a bubble. Our concern should be the prevention and timely diagnosis of breast cancer.

Having a healthy lifestyle is a surefire way of preventing or just making yourself strong enough to overcome obstacles. The reality of the situation ­­is that cancers are an unpredictable form of the disease and this makes them even more difficult to figure preventive modes. However, even within this, there are ways in which we can aim for early detection.

Healthy lifestyle 

Being physically active isn’t just to look good – your body is its optimum health when your weight is kept in check, being neither too high nor too low. Each one of us will have a separate weight calculated according to our height and our individual physiologies. It’s important to get medical or professional advice if you need to either lose or put on weight. This extends to eating well – a decent amount of vegetable and fruit intake, and reasonable consumption of alcohol. Avoid smoking, and if you are planning to have a child, opt for breastfeeding as it lowers the risk of breast cancer.

How to do a breast cancer self-exam at home

The main, most important and simplest thing to do is to learn how to self-examine for breast cancer.

There are some easy steps to follow:

  1. First, look at your breasts in the mirror with squared shoulders and hands on your hips. Look for any unusual size, shape or colour – a dimpling or puckering of the skin, any soreness or swelling.
  2. Next – check for the same but this time, raise your arms while doing so. Also, look out for any fluid that might be out of the ordinary.
  3. Lie down and feel carefully – using your right hand for your left breast and vice versa. Keep your fingers firm and flat and move in a circular fashion – moving from armpit to cleavage and clavicle to stomach. Be sure to feel all the tissue. You’re looking for any unusual growth or bumps.
  4. Do the same standing or sitting. If you find anything extraordinary, or unusual, report it to your doctor.
ways to do breast cancer self evaluations at home


The best way to defend yourself against any disease is by informing yourself. Knowledge, in this case, is power. Applying that knowledge can go a long way to prevent and save. Small steps like these can make a massive difference and it’s time we took the power into our own hands.