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Exercise To Fight Cancer

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    Dr. Poovamma C USenior Consultant & Director – Breast Oncology

    Exercise is a potent weapon to fight cancer. This radical idea is gaining traction.

    Traditionally, patients are advised to rest during cancer treatment. Prolonged rest can lead to muscle loss and depression.

    Staying physically active improves symptoms and side effects during cancer treatment.

    There is solid evidence that exercise may reduce the risk of some cancer and dying from certain forms of cancer.

    Evidence supports the fact that Breast cancer patients on chemotherapy, who exercised regularly had less fatigue, nausea and disability from treatments.

    Exercise during and after cancer treatment erases fatigue, anxiety and depression while improving quality of life and physical function.

    Exercise also lowers the risk of Breast, Colon, Endometrial, Esophageal, Kidney, Bladder and Stomach cancer.

    In people with cancer, it appears that exercise may reduce the rest of dying by 40-50% of people with breast, colorectal and prostate.

    Exercise reduces levels of inflammation and insulin. It boosts the immune system. Aerobic exercise and strength training can benefit cancer patients.

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