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From Battling Cancer to Conquering Mountains!

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Wishing our extraordinary Brand Ambassador, Girish Gowda, and his team the best of luck as they embark on their inspiring journey to the Mount Everest base camp. Your strength and resilience continue to inspire us all. Safe travels and successful summiting!

Click here to explore the captivating moments from our Brand Ambassador,Girish Gowda’s, journey to the Mount Everest Base Camp! Witness the sheer determination on Day 1 and the triumphant spirit on Day 2 as this cancer warrior and professional fighter leads his team to new heights.

Click here to explore the Glimpses of Girish’s Epic Journey: Day 4 & 5 From Tengboche to Dingboche, Girish braved chilly nights and breathtaking altitudes, demonstrating unwavering determination! Day 4: 4410m altitude, -5°C. Day 5: A challenging trek to Lobuche at 5030m, facing a night of -3°C and a surprise snowfall. Keep cheering for this incredible ascent towards Everest Base Camp!

Click here to witness the incredible journey of resilience and triumph as Girish Gowda, our fearless brand ambassador, and his team reach the majestic Mount Everest Base Camp! Girish’s inspiring story of overcoming hurdles as a professional fighter is a testament to the human spirit.

We are immensely proud of our Fighter Girish, & Vennila, Medical Physicist and RSO, Dept. of Radiotherapy, along with other members of Girish’s Adventure Begins Team for completing their journey successfully till Everest Base Camp!

Click here for Cytecare Celebrating the achievement of Fighter Girish & Ms Vennila for successfully making it to Mt Everest Base Camp !