Comprehensive Organ-Based Cancer Care Hospitals in India

Comprehensive Organ-Based Cancer Care Hospitals in India

Cytecare Hospitals is creating a network of patient-centric comprehensive organ-based cancer care hospitals in India. This hospital is fully equity-funded and will serve an industry that sees over 2.5 million cancer patients in India, with 1 million new cases each year. Cancer is now among the top 10 killer diseases in India, with the new Indian government recently announcing a significant increase in the spend outlay towards diagnostics and treatment. Cancer is also an area with the highest spend per patient and is estimated to be ~10 billion USD in value per year, with private cancer care estimated to grow at 25%p.a.

The hospital is located in Bangalore’s fastest-growing corridor about 15 minutes from the International Airport en route from the city. The hospital will include cancer care facilities like chemotherapy, advanced surgical and critical care capabilities including state-of-the-art operating rooms and ICUs, and radiotherapy along with nuclear medicine (PET-CT), radiology (MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X-ray, Mammography), diagnostics, laboratory and full-fledged blood bank backed by global standards and care protocols in prevention and treatment of cancer.

Cytecare is led by a team of professionals with over 100+ person-years of experience in leading healthcare and life sciences businesses globally, in Asia, Africa and in India. A full-time team of senior cancer specialists and medical professionals across surgical, medical and radiation oncology are on board and also investing in the hospital. This will create one of India’s first organ-based site-focused oncology care private hospitals. A dedicated team of senior medical advisors, engineering consultants, interior and exterior architects, hospital management experts, and project management professionals are already part of the enterprise to ensure on-time implementation of the project.

Cytecare is partnering with various technology and medical equipment partners for its hospital. The team is working with leading companies providing solutions in Hospital Information Management, Electronic Health Records, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Building Management Systems (BMS) to create an efficient technology layer to support the hospital operations.

Cytecare is also keenly working on creating patient-centric operations and is in the process of signing up a global patient-centric care certification organization. Patient-centric care, particularly in oncology, is a passion for the leadership team of Cytecare and is a significant gap in the demand-driven healthcare industry in India, and other emerging markets in Asia/Africa.

India’s 200+ bn USD healthcare industry is growing at 20+% p.a. and Cytecare Hospitals is well-positioned to create a trusted brand in cancer care in the country.