Cytecare Organizes International Cancer Consultation Camps

Cytecare Organizes International Cancer Consultation Camps

Cytecare Cancer Hospital with the focus on creating awareness on early cancer diagnosis organized a two day free Cancer Consultation camp at Meru and Marsabit, recently. A total of 150 patients were part of the camp, who were counseled on the early symptoms and better management of the disease by Dr. Prasad Narayanan, Senior Consultant, Medical Oncology of Cytecare Cancer Hospital, Bengaluru. Cytecare partnered with St. Theresa Mission Hospital, Kiirua, Meru and Marsabit County Referral Hospital for the camp.

Cancer is the third highest cause of morbidity and accounts 7% of annual deaths in Kenya, according to Kenya Cancer Statistics and National Strategies. It is estimated that 39,000 new cases of cancer are recorded each year in the country, with over 27,000 deaths per year. In Kenya, cancer is now a common illness. Such high casualty rates are due to patients reporting at the last stage and lack of treatment facilities. With an objective to reduce the burden and build awareness on early diagnosis Cytecare organized the consultation camp in Kenya. During the camp, the patients and their families were explained about the misconceptions of the diseases and help them regain the confidence and fight social stigma.

Speaking at the camp, Dr. Prasad Narayan, Senior Consultant, Cytecare Cancer Hospital, “We have explained the necessity of early diagnosis and importance of enhancing their quality of life. We are still losing people due to the dearth of awareness.  As an initiative to reduce the burden, Cytecare addressed the need for an early diagnosis to the people at Meru and Marsabit. Also, Cytecare was instrumental in treating over 100 patients from Kenya. We are glad to see that all our patients lead a better life.  Fighting the disease the right way and improving patient’s quality of life is our key approach. We received a tremendous response from the people and planning to organize more such camps across the globe and benefit the people.”

Inaugurating the camp, Governor Mohamud Mohamed Ali, Marsabit County, said, “We are pleased to have the specialist team from Cytecare to consult and diagnose our residents. In addition, we have collaborated with Cytecare to pursue telemedicine to deliver the right cancer treatment for our people.  Our local doctors will be trained by the specialist at Cytecare without having to travel to India. A partnership will surely go a long way in treating cancer the right way.”

The consultation camp was given for high incidence cancers such as Brain Cancer, Oral Cancer, Breast Cancer, Gynecology Cancer Othropaedic, Prostate Cancer, urology, etc. Cytecare’s state-of-the-art’ pathology lab, a specialized team of Onco-pathologists and comprehensive knowledge in treating cancer has ensured accurate diagnosis resulting in accurate treatment.