Girish gifts medal to cancer hospital

Girish gifts medal to cancer hospital

Karnataka’s proud Kick boxer Girish Gowda- A cancer survivor, gifts his Gold medal to the Bangalore city cancer hospital.

Dr. Hari Menon had suggested Girish Gowda not to participate in Kick boxing for 2 years and he has undergone 130 Chemotherapies. But strong determined Girish, involved in everyday training and won his 9th Gold medal in Delhi National Championship. Thousands of people were gathered at the venue to witness his mettle and gave a standing ovation.

Girish spoke to Vijaya Karnataka after decided to gift his medal to Cytecare, “9 is my lucky number and i won 9 Gold medals in National championship. Cancer is just a chapter in a life not a story of my life. Dr. Hari Menon, took utmost care while treating me, due to that i won my 9th Gold medal. Despite of his suggestion, i contested in National championship with sheer determination and won medal in 2 Knockouts. I believe this medal inspire lot more patient’s if it is there in Cytecare hospital and it would give more energy to doctors as well. That’s why i decided to gift my medal to hospital”.

GIRISH CREATED HISTORY: Cytecare is my second home as it gave me a second life. Girish has taken exceptional decision and it is the first in history of Indian sports and he dedicate this achievement to parents & coach. And it’s a history that a person dedicate medal to a hospital.

“Truly Girish is an inspirational personality to a sport fraternity”. This society has to recognise him for his exceptional decision and i am glad about his decision to gift medal to our hospital- says Dr. Hari Menon- Cytecare Hospital.