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Ajit Rampure


  • Ajit Rampure, MD, is a Pathologist by profession; has worked for more than 45 years in the field. During this long innings, he has worked in various senior teaching, academic, and administrative capacities. He is a successful entrepreneur, has set up businesses in several countries, and successfully running them.
  • He is a strategic investor and Mentor. He is presently the Chairman of Health Heal (India), Chairman of Canadian Global Health, and Educare Ltd, Mississauga, Chairman CMR Healthcare, Windsor, Canada.
  • Starting his career as a lecturer in Pathology at Bangalore Medical College in 1972/73 he has worked as a Professor and HoD, Chief of Pathology and has to worked in various capacities in several countries from teaching, Setting up Pathology department, Heading the department, and has successfully built and operated the chain of Radiology and Pathology Laboratories in UAE and Canada. 

Ajit Rampure