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Karnataka's First Hospital to Offer Life-saving CAR-T Cell Therapy

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First Hospital to Offer CAR-T Cell Therapy in Karnataka.

Cytecare Hospitals, renowned for their comprehensive cancer treatment, has joined forces with ImmunoACT to bring cutting-edge CAR-T cell therapy to the state. This marks a significant milestone, making Cytecare the first in Karnataka to offer this potentially life-saving treatment outside of clinical trials.

This revolutionary treatment involves extracting a patient’s T-cells, modifying them to recognise and attack cancer cells, and then reinfusing them into the body. For patients with specific blood cancers like B-cell lymphoma and B-ALL, CAR-T cell therapy offers hope where conventional treatments may have failed. This personalised approach has shown remarkable success in improving quality of life and survival rates globally.

This collaboration opens a door of opportunity for patients in Karnataka battling blood cancers. With increased access and potentially lower costs, more patients can now benefit from this groundbreaking treatment.

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