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PICC Line Management Training Program

PICC Line Management

In case of treatment plans that involve frequent needle sticks for medications and other procedures, PICC or Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter is used to deliver those directly to the central veins near the patient’s heart.

The PICC line is utilized in cancer treatments such as blood transfusion, chemotherapy and other medications that are to be delivered intravenously, as and when recommended by the consultant.

Cytecare Hospitals brings you a Webinar on PICC Line Management.

The course will be conducted under the mentorship of our experts – Dr. Prasad Narayanan (Senior Consultant and Director Medical Oncology (Solid Tumors)), Dr. Harish P. (Consultant, Medical Oncology) and Dr. Vasudha N. R. (Associate Consultant, Pediatric Oncology).

The participants will be mentored and trained online on the topics included like, PICC Line dressing and PICC Line flushing and also receive a certificate of participation for the same. The session is scheduled on the 6th June, 2020.

Contact us for registrations and more details on the scheduled training program.