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The Essence of Mental Health in My Fight Against Cancer

Hello Cytecare,

I still remember the day I visited Cytecare hospital for the first time, after the registration formalities I was directed towards the psycho-oncology screening test post the vitals checkup. I was fascinated just to know that this cancer hospital knew the importance of mental health and did not just treat the patients to cure their disease with the help of medicines. In addition to having the best doctors, the psycho-oncology department in Cytecare is one of the key distinguishing factors from the other cancer hospitals in Bangalore. They help understand that a complete cure is possible only when you have the right balance between mental and physical health.

When I was diagnosed with cancer for the first time I believed that treatment and food are all I needed. But after the relapse is when I realized I was missing something which is more important than treatment, food and lifestyle. And after a series of self -research on the internet, books and blogs. I learnt that I was missing on “Mental health”. The power of our thoughts is the greatest healing mechanism. Just like how our body recovers from the intense chemotherapy, With time our thoughts can recover from any kind of past, resentment, unhappiness, etc.

Just for that, you need SOMEONE to guide you, to tell you it’s ok to feel vulnerable and slowly but consciously they try to teach you to change that train of thoughts into happiness and positivity, they teach you that fear can be overcome with “Hope”. You can tell them things that you are not comfortable discussing with your husband, family or friends. They will listen to everything without judging you. And that someone for me is the psycho-oncology team at Cytecare. I can’t thank the team enough for giving me only positive energy and making me feel I was not alone in fighting the battle against cancer and they were always with me to give me that support and love.

A special thanks to Revathi from the Psycho-Oncology team at Cytecare – I’ll never forget the happy tears she had in her eyes when I told her “We did it”.


Kokila Azharuddin