Psycho Oncology

Cancer is often associated with a multitude of distressing feelings and emotions. This psychological distress, at times, affects the self, relationships, work, and almost every facet of an individual and his/her family. Evidence suggests that one-third of individuals diagnosed with cancer experience severe psychological distress and upto 70% exhibit some degree of anxiety and depression. This evidence further supports the effectiveness of services aimed at relieving the emotional distress that accompanies a diagnosis of cancer, even in the case of debilitating depression and anxiety (David Spiegel).

The field of psycho-oncology is concerned with the psychological, social, behavioural, and ethical aspects of cancer. This service is mainly aimed at addressing the psychological responses of patients to cancer, at all stages of the disease (and that of their families and caretakers), along with understanding the psychological, behavioural and social factors that may influence the disease process.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer or has battled cancer, then the sequence of reactions would quite likely be:

  • Initial Reaction: shock, fear, anger, disbelief, sadness, guilt , loneliness, loss of control
  • Distress, coupled with feelings of anxiety, depression
  • Adjustment and acceptance once treatment decisions are made

At Cytecare, we focus on improving the patient experience, by supporting patients and their families through their journey to enhance their overall quality of life.


A few suggestions that may help you in the cancer journey

  • Get the basic facts about cancer diagnosis.
  • Keep the lines of communication open between doctors and your family members.
  • Anticipate possible physical changes.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Let friends and family help you.
  • Review your goals and priorities.
  • Try to maintain a normal lifestyle.
  • Talk to other people with cancer- Fight stigma.
  • Develop your own coping strategies (e.g. meditation, religion, hobbies).
  • Planning your finances.


  • Psychological counseling services - Individual/caregiver/family sessions
  • Group therapy
  • Support groups
  • Providing psycho-education
  • Tobacco cessation services

Our Psycho Oncologists

Senior Officer, Psycho-Oncology Services - Michelle Normen


Senior Officer, Psycho-Oncology Services

Executive, Psycho-Oncology Services - Revathi Rajagopal


Executive, Psycho-Oncology Services

Senior Associate, Psycho-Oncology Services - Rajeshwari A


Senior Associate, Psycho-Oncology Services

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“My aunt underwent cancer treatment at Cytecare Cancer Hospitals. I must say the cleanliness and taking care of patients was a priority. Mr Morris responded well. Really it's an excellent cancer hospital in bangalore. Cancer doctors, nurses and housekeeping department were good. Especially, I respect Mr Morris's response on time.”


"Very kind and helpful staff and doctors. The hospitality of Cytecare Cancer Hospital is excellent and all the services are provided in an effective manner. The response from all the departments is good. My uncle underwent cancer surgery and he is responding well with chemotherapy too. We expect a good outcome by the end"

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"The first experience with this cancer hospital has been very good, the staff are very friendly, very attentive and ready to sort out the queries and cooperative, Doctors are polite and explain the problem very well, and make us understand about the complexity in simple language. I can say; it’s one of the best cancer hospitals in Bangalore. The hospital is very clean and housekeeping guys are very active and immediately clean up the place wherever they find it’s dirty."

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"The staff and doctors maintain a good ambiance. Recommended for any kind of cancer treatment. The doctors will assist you clearly further."