Patient Navigators

Patient Navigators

A cancer diagnosis is one of the most challening experiences anyone will ever deal with. The initial response is shock and a sense of devastation. This is followed by anxiousness of what will happen next and a feeling of helplessness that triggers anger and disappointment. Most patients think they are isolated, as they don't have somebody who actually understands their fears and struggles. A patient's support system influences their emotional response. How they cope and perceive their illness depends on the emotional support they receive.

We at Cytecare understand that dealing with a cancer is not just a physical battle but a mental struggle. Patients need to push their bodies beyond its human limit and develop the endurance to keep moving forward. That is why at Cytecare, we help you discover your inner strength and the fortitude of your spirit with our Patient Navigator support system.

Cytecare Patient Navigator is a one-of-its-kind support system that helps patient cope with cancer diagnosis and deal with the treatment thereafter. Through this unique program, cancer survivors talk about their personal experiences on managing pain, what to expect during treatment, undergoing chemotherapy and its side effects and how to communicate with family members and doctors. Cyctecare Patient Navigators encourage patients to share their feelings and struggles to make them feel better understood.

Cancer involves prolonged and complex treatment which requires guidance. Recognizing emotions and feelings is an important part of coping with a cancer diagnosis. Cytecare Patient Navigators fill this crucial gap that most cancer patients seek. Navigators play a crucial role in exchanging information and supporting the patient at every step, thereby, providing a sense of control and reducing the feelings of helplessness.

At Cytecare we believe a person who has experienced the disease is the best resource person to help the patients through the difficult journey of cancer.

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"I have found all the staff so far at Cytecare Cancer Hospitals are courteous.Dr. Poovamma was the cancer doctor who did my surgery. I thank her for her excellent care, patience, responsiveness and treatment. All the nurses, coordinators I have met were also responsive and caring. Everything is well organized and planned. My experience at this Cancer Hospitals in bangalore has been all good. Thank you all."

Esther Prabha

“My aunt underwent cancer treatment at Cytecare Cancer Hospitals. I must say the cleanliness and taking care of patients was a priority. Mr Morris responded well. Really it's an excellent cancer hospital in bangalore. Cancer doctors, nurses and housekeeping department were good. Especially, I respect Mr Morris's response on time.”


"Very kind and helpful staff and doctors. The hospitality of Cytecare Cancer Hospital is excellent and all the services are provided in an effective manner. The response from all the departments is good. My uncle underwent cancer surgery and he is responding well with chemotherapy too. We expect a good outcome by the end"

Roopak Poddar

"The first experience with this cancer hospital has been very good, the staff are very friendly, very attentive and ready to sort out the queries and cooperative, Doctors are polite and explain the problem very well, and make us understand about the complexity in simple language. I can say; it’s one of the best cancer hospitals in Bangalore. The hospital is very clean and housekeeping guys are very active and immediately clean up the place wherever they find it’s dirty."

Sanju Navya

"The staff and doctors maintain a good ambiance. Recommended for any kind of cancer treatment. The doctors will assist you clearly further."