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A cancer diagnosis brings along a lot of questions about nutrition and diet. Proper nutrition is essential for living well during and after cancer treatment. Research proves that proper nutrition is an important factor in boosting immunity and helps in preventing cancer, as well as increases the effectiveness of cancer treatment

At Cytecare, to administer personalised care to all its patients, the multidisciplinary team of experts devise the dosage, the pattern of administration and the implications of the therapy on the overall well being of the patient.

Why Cytecare

When a cancer patient undergoes a series of treatments involving surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, biologic therapy (immunotherapy), or a combination of treatments, the rendered treatment(s) manages to exterminate the unhealthy/cancer cells. However, as an unwanted side-effect, the healthy cells in the patient's constitution have to bear the aftermath which gets rendered in the following manners:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Sore mouth or throat
  • Dry mouth
  • Changes in taste or smell
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of body weight

The above complications/side-effects necessitate proper nutritional intervention for the patient's well-being. A fine-tuned Nutritional intervention not only helps in boosting one's immunity but also acts as a deterrent against Cancer thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of cancer treatment.

The field of Onco-Nutrition is aimed at making the Cancer patients feel better & stay stronger. In Cytecare, we as a team, tirelessly work with patients, their families & the rest of the medical fraternity in order to ensure that the optimum diet reaches the Cancer patients both during and after their treatment.

Our team comprises of a rich mix of experience & expertise on dealing with a wide spectrum of dietary interventions that are deemed absolutely necessary when it comes to ensuring effective treatment of cancer patients. We believe in meeting out the optimum care aimed at supplementing a cancer patient's on-going treatment with the vitality that aids in his/her cure in the best manner possible. We have a tried & tested process which has yielded positive results in many cancer survivors and we take pride in making them smile post our effective consultations.

Healthy eating

When it comes to healthy living, food and nutrition play a vital part. Small but consistent changes in diet and nutrition can make a big difference to overall health. A healthy diet must provide a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other nutrients.

A balanced, nutritious diet has been found to not just help the body cope with the stress of an illness but also aids in the recovery process. A well-formulated diet plan can help you maintain your weight during your cancer treatment. In addition, it will ensure that your body has the right amount of hydration and nutrients that it needs for its repair and healing.

Apart from nutrition counseling in oncology, we also deal with:

  • Diet counseling for onco screening patients
  • Nutrition education for lifestyle diseases
  • Nutrition education for obesity & weight management


Dr. Krishna Priya NG. MSc Food and Nutrition, (PhD)

Krishna Priya is a clinical nutritionist with over seven years of experience. She has experience in working with NABH accredited multi-speciality hospitals dealing with cancer nutrition, critical care nutrition, weight management, renal diseases, lifestyle disorders, women and paediatric nutrition. She implements her knowledge in clinical practice and research for providing excellent nutrition counselling sessions, thereby ensuring wellness and improvement of nutritional care of patients

Ms. Shalini Chakraborty, MSc Food & Nutrition

Shalini has experience working with oncology patients, and earned her Masters degree in Nutrition through the West Bengal State University. She has also been trained at the prestigious Christian Medical College in the Department of Nutrition. She uses her passion for oncology nutrition, combined with her love for food, to help her patients receive the best plan of care. She is keen on research and incorporates evidence into practice. She is also involved in giving health talks and sessions on healthy eating to fight cancer.

Ms. Ramya. R, Msc Food & Nutrition

Ramya is a clinical nutritionist and earned her Masters degree through Bangalore University. She has an experience in working with NABH accredited super speciality hospital dealing with all clinical conditions and their nutrition support. She is sincere towards work and expertise her knowledge in educating patients and their family with appropriate nutrition interventions.

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"I have found all the staff I have met so far at Cytecare Hospitals are courteous.Dr. Poovamma was the doctor who did my surgery. I thank her for her excellent care, patience, responsiveness and treatment. All the nurses, coordinators I have met were also responsive and caring. Everything is well organized and planned. My experience at Cytecare Hospital has been all good. Thank you all."

Esther Prabha

"My aunt got admitted, the cleanliness is awesome Mr Morris responded well. Really its a great treat from doctors, nurses and housekeeping department. Specially I respect Mr Morris's response on time.
Thanks for all team. Good work keep it up."


"Very kind and helpful staff and doctors. The hospitality is excellent and all the services are provided in effective manner. The response from all the department is good. My uncle underwent the surgery and the chemotherapy and he is doing well too we expect a good outcome by the end"

Roopak Poddar

"The first experience with this hospital has been very good, the staffs are very friendly,v attentive and ready to sort out the queries and cooperative, Doctors are polite and explain the problem very well, made us understand about the complexity and also the best cancer treatment. The Hospital is very clean and housekeeping guys are very active and immediately clean up the place where ever they find its dirty."

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"The staff and doctors maintain a good ambiance. Recommended for any kind of cancer treatment. The doctors will assist you clearly further."